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Michelle Emma designs display a signature style of uniqueness and rich quality paying close attention to each pieces own individuality. Intricate detailing and soft elegance aesthetically influenced by beauty, femininity and all things vintage.

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Creating a look and feel for my label that represents the feminine elegance of the garments: 

Through identification and extensive brand analysis my aim is to create a brand identity that can be represented through an array of print and e-commerce techniques. The final brand application will successfully convey the look and feel of the Michelle Emma label, ultimately generating recognition and hype for the label amongst potential buyers.

Logo design (Typography): I designed the Michelle Emma logo from my signature handwriting, representing my personal touch and craftsmanship that goes into each and every garment.

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Hand Written Workings


Final Logo Design

Brand Application:


Business Card



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Swing Tag

Web and Social Media –

Website: Michelle Emma

Michelle Emma Website

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For the love of it… Looking forward to graduating from my studies at the Academy of Design where I majored in Fashion Design, I feel my journey has only just begun. Through my studies I have developed a signature style with a rich, aesthetic influence of beauty, femininity and all things vintage. With a strong eye for detail and creativity my designs display a uniqueness and rich quality paying close attention to every pieces individuality. Through embellishment, fabric manipulation and craftsmanship I seek that little point of difference to make every garment special. Wishing to establish my Michelle Emma label specialising in women’s special occasion/evening wear, I’m excited for new challenges and dream of one day seeing my designs on runways and red carpets around the world.

Lucky enough to feature in the following articles, highlighting my passion for fashion:


Herald Sun (August 20 2013): Aim is to own the runway
Design – Michelle Emma
Journalist – Jeanette Hill
Photography – Carissa Watson


Port Phillip Review Local (March 06 2013): Common Thread
Design – Michelle Emma
Journalist – Jeeyong Soo
Photography – Scott McNaughton


Some garments I have created during my studies:

575284_370811236301828_893363860_nFashion Awards Australia (Trash to Treasure Dress) –  2011


All the Pretty Horses – 2011



City Lights – 2012

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Nostalgia – 2013

Alex Perry is an Australian fashion designer famous for out shining his own gowns. ‘He’s an artist, a character, a visionary, a success, an inspired technician and an incredibly hard worker.’


In the fashion industry, cults of personality are the norm far more often than in any other industries. It seems to come down to the naming of the brand and whether the brand has been positioned to be a product of the designer or not. For example when both names of the designer are used such as Alex Perry, the brand is strongly identified with the designer, therefore the designer becomes the forefront identity of the brand. ‘It wasn’t long before the personality behind the scenes began to shine almost as brightly as the gowns and Alex emerged as one of Australia’s first designer celebrities.’

Alex Perry - Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

Project-Runway-Australia-2012Project Runway

048028-didier-cohen-charlotte-dawson-jen-hawkins-alex-perryAustralia’s Next Top Model

Making himself seen he has appeared on Foxtel’s rating winner, Australia’s Next Top Model as the only judge to have appeared in all eight seasons and is also a ‘mentor’ on TV series, Project Runway. As well as other regular television appearance, Perry often features in newspapers and magazines and is often spotted on red carpets and premier events as much as his gowns. Quite uniquely Perry is also famous for his appearance of wearing a pair of sunglass on his head morning, noon, and night. ‘…Maybe the sunglasses do say something fundamental about his success.’ Clearly it’s Perry’s strong sense of self and his identity that sets him and his label apart. Following his self proclaimed motto “I don’t care what you think” it is evidence that Perry stays true to his believes and has an underlining arrogance of self worth.


For an insightful look into the life of the man who has made a career out of being a personality that almost outshines his gowns read the following article: Herald Sun: Alex Perry


Had to throw this happy snap in… meeting the man himself Mr Alex Perry aka “Designer to the Stars” earlier this year at the Masters & Apprentices runway show.

Paul Poiret, self titled the King of Fashion, (1879-1944) was another contemporary designer of his time who also invested in self-promotion to make a name for himself and his work. Poiret developed a sharply refined marketing strategy that called for promoting his dresses and other fashionable products as works of art, while presenting himself as an inspired artist and patron of the arts. “I am not commercial… Ladies to me for a gown as they go to a distinguished painter to get their portrait put on canvas. I am an artist, not a dressmaker.” Paul Poiret, 1913


In his autobiography Poiret quoted: “I did not wait for my success to grow by itself. I worked like a demon to increase it, and everything that could stimulate it seemed good to me.” One of the ways he did this was by choosing to name his clothes instead of the customary practice of using numbers to arrange a collection. An example includes the “lampshade” tunic being one of his most famous designs. Poiret was refreshingly innovative in his approach to design, restoring the artist as an important and creative force in fashion.


Paul Poiret’s “Lampshade” Tunic


Further reading:

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Some of my favourite looks of Poiret:

h2_1983.8a,b spivy5-16-07-11

Fancy dress costume, 1911
Paul Poiret (French, 1879–1944)
Seafoam green silk gauze, silver lamé, blue foil and blue and silver coiled cellophane cord appliqué, and blue, silver, coral, pink, and turquoise cellulose beading; L. (a) 50 1/4 in. (127.6 cm)
Purchase, Irene Lewisohn Trust Gift, 1983 (1983.8a,b)


Ensemble, 1913
Paul Poiret (French, 1879–1944)
Ivory silk damask, ivory silk net, and ivory China silk with rhinestone trim; ivory silk net with green and black silk gauze, applied tape and rhinestone trim; green and black silk gauze headdress with strands of rhinestones; ivory silk damask shoes; L. at CB (a) 52 in. (132.1 cm)
Paul D. Schurgot Foundation Fund, 2005 (2005.193a–g)

For more looks featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Paul Poiret (1879–1944)

Charles Frederick Worth (1825‐1895), now known as the ‘Father of Haute Couture’, was the pioneer of the modern day “fashion designer”. Making tremendous contributions to the world of fashion and changing the way the fashion industry was addressed.


Paving the way of the future it Worth’s fashion ideology that has ultimately contributed to what we know and love of the fashion industry today. A genius and a man ahead of his time he was the precursor of many firsts associated with the marketing and promotion of his designs and identity including the creation and ownership of his brand name, the House of Worth.


Worth branded his work and has been credited with being the first to place a label in his designs. Using a label in a similar way an artist would sign off their paintings.

Watch this short little clip for more insight into Worth’s pioneering ways:

Further reading:

The Fashion Historian

Charles Frederick Worth & The Origin of The Fashion Show

Some of my favourite looks from the House of Worth:

31.22_front 0002 tumblr_mhitfvHpkX1qctmdlo2_5001 tumblr_mfonnp7NVP1s1qugxo9_5001 hb_1976.258.1ab