Alex Perry is an Australian fashion designer famous for out shining his own gowns. ‘He’s an artist, a character, a visionary, a success, an inspired technician and an incredibly hard worker.’


In the fashion industry, cults of personality are the norm far more often than in any other industries. It seems to come down to the naming of the brand and whether the brand has been positioned to be a product of the designer or not. For example when both names of the designer are used such as Alex Perry, the brand is strongly identified with the designer, therefore the designer becomes the forefront identity of the brand. ‘It wasn’t long before the personality behind the scenes began to shine almost as brightly as the gowns and Alex emerged as one of Australia’s first designer celebrities.’

Alex Perry - Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

Project-Runway-Australia-2012Project Runway

048028-didier-cohen-charlotte-dawson-jen-hawkins-alex-perryAustralia’s Next Top Model

Making himself seen he has appeared on Foxtel’s rating winner, Australia’s Next Top Model as the only judge to have appeared in all eight seasons and is also a ‘mentor’ on TV series, Project Runway. As well as other regular television appearance, Perry often features in newspapers and magazines and is often spotted on red carpets and premier events as much as his gowns. Quite uniquely Perry is also famous for his appearance of wearing a pair of sunglass on his head morning, noon, and night. ‘…Maybe the sunglasses do say something fundamental about his success.’ Clearly it’s Perry’s strong sense of self and his identity that sets him and his label apart. Following his self proclaimed motto “I don’t care what you think” it is evidence that Perry stays true to his believes and has an underlining arrogance of self worth.


For an insightful look into the life of the man who has made a career out of being a personality that almost outshines his gowns read the following article: Herald Sun: Alex Perry


Had to throw this happy snap in… meeting the man himself Mr Alex Perry aka “Designer to the Stars” earlier this year at the Masters & Apprentices runway show.