For the love of it… Looking forward to graduating from my studies at the Academy of Design where I majored in Fashion Design, I feel my journey has only just begun. Through my studies I have developed a signature style with a rich, aesthetic influence of beauty, femininity and all things vintage. With a strong eye for detail and creativity my designs display a uniqueness and rich quality paying close attention to every pieces individuality. Through embellishment, fabric manipulation and craftsmanship I seek that little point of difference to make every garment special. Wishing to establish my Michelle Emma label specialising in women’s special occasion/evening wear, I’m excited for new challenges and dream of one day seeing my designs on runways and red carpets around the world.

Lucky enough to feature in the following articles, highlighting my passion for fashion:


Herald Sun (August 20 2013): Aim is to own the runway
Design – Michelle Emma
Journalist – Jeanette Hill
Photography – Carissa Watson


Port Phillip Review Local (March 06 2013): Common Thread
Design – Michelle Emma
Journalist – Jeeyong Soo
Photography – Scott McNaughton


Some garments I have created during my studies:

575284_370811236301828_893363860_nFashion Awards Australia (Trash to Treasure Dress) –  2011


All the Pretty Horses – 2011



City Lights – 2012

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Nostalgia – 2013