Paying for the name or the quality? It seems for those designers that have the strongest sense of self and who invest their time and money into self-promotion alongside their labels enjoy the success of public awareness, which ultimately increases sales. Not only artists within their fields but revolutionaries inventing new marketing strategies and solutions to bring recognition to their labels.

As a designer and the director behind the Michelle Emma label I believe the quality of the garments should never be jeopardised, as I want to be recognised as an artist and for my garments to be considered masterpieces and works of art. Therefore the price point behind my garments will always be a refection of the intricate detailing and craftmanship not revenue of my status or celebraty persona. Although I think self promotion is important to gain recognition in a marketing sense the underlining importance for me personally will always be perfecting my craft to create special one of kind pieces.

Examples of Michelle Emma’s intricate detailing, all achieved through hand work: